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Who is this girl?

Hello to all! Welcome to my world of all things fashion! My name is Shawn Giles, and I am a self proclaimed Personal Stylist/Personal Shopper, hair and makeup stylist/artist, and recently just added customizing and designing to my list of talents. I like to think of myself as a one stop shop! Over the past few years I found myself obessed with making my own clothes,jewelry, or altering something that I already have. I decided to turn my passion into an online boutique to share  my creativity with the world. I know women love the idea of being an individual, so exclusivity, uniqueness, and making a bold statement is what I intend to do when creating my pieces for my customers.If it doesnt catch your eye, I have not done my job! I do hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I look forward to doing business with you all.

P.S. Please visit my fashion blog at

Stay Fabulous